An Agreement’s Documents

From Historical documents
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Museums are institutions for keeping, caring and exhibiting of artistic , cultural and historical collection taken from myths and old thoughts to contemporary.
Though time passing, wars and etc. destroyed most of it and just a part of this survived and this part is so precious and like treasure one as every nation could proud of this. But sometimes it happens as this treasure getting hideaway from people’s sight and because of various reasons such as changing in customs and society norms, it could not be displayed and audiences will be deprived watching this.
Myths are resulted from a thought of an idea as it have been told person by person and through generations, it get changed, revised and then delivered to us, and during this process, it get changed about places, traditions and cultures and get purified and well-polished, but it kept its concept and did not lose its effect.
This is an interactive artwork of recreating and viewable for one of the oldest world romantic narration and first romantic narration Poetry of Persian literature ‘Vis and Rāmin’ with considering cultural norms existing in Iran Islamic society at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.