My hands will change your world

From Historical Documents series

A body is not an object; it is a document form of lived experiences whose foundation is in the consciousness of the universe. Each body has its own story, a unique document of recorded realities – conscious and unconscious. It is the truth which is sometimes hidden or gets ignored. Love overshadows all aspects of life. And nothing but love can transform us with such intensity and power. Impressions of love can create great changes in us; from the beginning of love to the expressions of lovemaking, or even after separation. Even embracing things that we do not truly like can change our world. There is a dual quality to lovemaking which connects us to another soul, body, and world, capable of driving fundamental changes in us: sometimes sweet and pleasant, and sometimes bothersome and bitter. “Man has always harboured the desire to rewrite his own biography, to change the past, to wipe out tracks, both his own and those of others’ ” (Milan Kundera). But what matters is to realize that no one will remain his or her same self after they have experienced love. Only those who do not breathe remain unchanged.