Ramin Etemadi-Bozorg

Conceptual Artist, Sculptor, Art lecturer

Ramin Etemadi-Bozorg is an Iranian conceptual artist. Born in 1977 Tehran, He produces work in a variety of media redominantly sculpture, including painting, performance art, video art and installation. Ramin graduated in BA ainting from Art and Architecture University, Iran in 2001.

He has been involved in many new-media projects that have emerged in Iran for the first time. Examples of his past work was introducing performance arts and video arts for the first time in Iranian history.

He is a member of “Iranian Society of Painters”, “Iranian society of sculptures” and “Iranian promotion of visual arts”.

Through Ramin’s work he expresses the compassion which has been partly banned or forgotten due to the characteristics of his society. He constantly documents anything from the social-political events to the most intimate personal unspoken.

Ramin had fourteen solo exhibition (painting, sculpture, video art), fifteen performance arts, and also attending more than seventy group exhibition, art festivals, Expo and Biennale in Iran, USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Turkey, Morocco, UAF, Armenia and China.