In my artwork, I narrate true stories. These are familiar images; things that have happened to me and have challenged me in a pervasive way; recreations of what has not yet found the chance to be seen or realized; what we are normally unwilling to see or realities that we would not want to face. My artwork brings the audience to the same situations and creates environments familiar to them. This way, the audience faces new realities which invite for a moment of pause and contemplation. Therefore, the presence of the audience and their interaction contributes to the development of my artwork.

In my work, I also narrate the story of compassion that has been partially banned or forgotten due to the characteristics of the society, that has not been properly represented or that has been overlooked and taken for granted due to public prudence. I am constantly documenting things, from socio-political events to the most intimate personal unspoken accounts; they all carry traces of me; sometimes I create fictitious documents that reveal a hidden truth. The fact of the matter is that life’s challenges grant me opportunities to create works of art from restrictions.